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Local Football Facility Plan Malvern Hills

This plan is an exciting milestone in our long term ambition to transform the landscape of grassroots football across England. It showcases the community facilities that Malvern Hills needs to enable more players of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to feel the many benefits of our national game. It was created in partnership between the Football Foundation, local authority, sports clubs, schools and the County FA.

Click the link below to read the full plan, start thinking about how you can work with us to deliver these facilities that will positively impact your community, and get in touch with us anytime.

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Projects identified in the plan

  • 2 Artificial grass pitches
  • 19 Natural grass pitches
  • 5 Changing pavilions
  • 1 Small sided facilities
  • £4,025,000 Total project cost

Football Foundation funding in Malvern Hills since 2000

These figures represent investment into facilities in this area, such as 3G Artificial Grass Pitches, changing pavilions and natural grass pitches. Additional funding for small grants such as maintenance machinery, goalposts and emergency COVID relief programmes, aren't included here.

  • 24 Total grants
  • £1,203,707 Total grant value

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